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Benaddiction is an attempt to blend two worlds. First the world of real, fresh made food. If we don't make it fresh we get it from someone who does! All of our sauces and meats are handmade in house (or on truck) and every meal is made to order. Second is the world of casual restaurants. The casual restaurant has been reduced down to "quick service" which is just a fancy way of saying fast food, and Corporate Monsters who care far more about their Shareholders than your experience. At Benaddiction we aim to give you a laid back enjoyable dining experience that makes it clear that you, the guest, is the most important person at the restaurant. Come on out to the Restaurant or Truck and remember what a restaurant experience should be. 

Sensational Sandwiches

Introducing Eggs Benedict 2.0

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7 Days a Week

6 am to 2 pm

3015 W. Bullard Ave Fresno, Ca 93711


Fresno is starting to improve their breakfast game, and this place proves it. Loved everything about Benaddiction. Intimate, weird, interesting, personal, and most importantly, outstanding food
                        Joey Y.

Practically Perfect Pancakes